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TransJeju by UTMB 대회

Why TransJeju by UTMB?

Why TransJeju by UTMB?

TransJeju by UTMB is the biggest ultra distance trail event on the volcanic island Jeju, South Korea.

Participants will run through the Hallasan National Park (UNESCO World Heritage), which is extremely diverse: at various altitudes there are more than 1,800 species of subtropical, temperate and subarctic plants flourishing on the Halla volcano
(the highest mountain in South Korea) that change distinctly with four seasons, offering runners ever-changing scenery.

Surrounding the mountain’s peak is the world’s largest forest of Abies Koreana, which have become popular today as Christmas trees. This ultra offers majestic views, including the crater lake called Baekrokdam and Youngsil Giam, a cliff composed of weird-shaped rocks.